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I have departed from meticulous analytical pointillist technique through division of color and tones to be absolutely free with brush and colors in water-color technique rendered on paper as well as in the acrylic medium.  From themes based on nature such as forests, mangroves and underwater, I paint now in a landscape of pure imagination, which allow release of forms and colors internalized over decades to be choreographed at will as a free dance of brush strokes, with various colors, tints and tones.  


I aim for a visual power through directional strokes which are horizontal, vertical, diagonal or in swirls. The watercolor medium offers me a challenge of working quickly and with spontaneity, which I deeply desired after a couple of decades of calculated painting. Working on paper sheets of size 22”x 30”, I apply strokes of thin transparent layers of different hues, creating more nuances and subtleties, sometimes going up to fourteen layers to achieve the desired effect.  


In my passionate exploration into the infinite world of color, I am determined to avoid repetition of brushwork, color tints and tones. And yet as I create an interweaving web of fresh colors, line emerges as a protagonist and provides strong compositional structure.


I feel as I am quietly and subconsciously listening to mysterious whispers of the color memory of decades, while I paint this series.  This series evokes the transient patterns of color that the eye registers when a brilliantly tinted butterfly flits in an infinitely colorful garden. Hence the title of the series.

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