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Industries, automobiles, homes, modern agriculture…the list is long… in fact every facet of contemporary human activity pollutes earth, air and water so much so that, today the great oceans too are being negatively impacted by human activity. Perhaps one day the destruction of the habitat will go so far that life will have to adapt and evolve to survive in the new environment. GAIA RELOADED is my vision of such a surreal future of the oceans. Perhaps, a surreal speculation! While the wastes of contemporary civilization float all around, a new form of life populates the depths. Familiar forms like fish and crustaceans are melded with elements like plane tyres, PCB circuitry, night lamps, pulleys, pianos, robotic hands, machine parts, bullets, war machinery etc.


This surreal oceanic life is recreated by my installations in the form of a fish, where all that is dumped into the waters will maybe make-up the future marine life.


While the content of the works marries the surreal with the real, the painting technique marries the abstract with the figurative. Viewed from close, the detailed and contemporary technique of pixilation with constantly changing hues suggests an abstract harmony of color run riot. But from far, this intricate tapestry of color reveal the subjects of the painting.


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