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The installation bought by Tarun Tahiliani’s home in New Delhi.


The centerpiece of the sculptural installation is an 8 feet long fish made of clear resin. It is one of the largest clear resin sculptures attempted in India. Another unique aspect is the fact that the clear resin is not fabricated, but cast. 

I can say I almost got an epiphany for this show when I happened to pass by Alang, the gigantic ship-breaking yard in Gujarat. As if the ocean had been taken over by machinery. It really shook me up.

Industries, automobiles, homes, modern agriculture.... The list is long.... In fact every facet of contemporary human activity pollutes the earth, air and water so much so that, today the great oceans too are being negatively impacted by human activity. Leading me to a surreal speculation. This show is my vision of such a surreal future of the oceans.

While the wastes of contemporary civilization float all around, a new form of life populates the depths.

Familiar forms like fish and crustaceans melded with elements like plane tyres, PCB circuitry, night lamps, pulleys, pianos, robotic hands, machine parts inside, bullets, war machinery etc.


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