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"To create intricacies of hues to form a harmonious whole is absolutely blissful and feels like a dream. There is a thin line between spontaneity and dexterity and that is what I experience - the feeling of total control over the movement on the canvas."



"The vocabulary of forms, shapes, lines, texture, colours, tonal values, and light creates in my works a visual power, which in its manipulation manifestly translates to become a vehicle for emotional and personal expressions."


I feel as if am quietly and subconsciously listening to mysterious whispers of the color memory of decades, while I paint this series.  This series aims to evoke transient patterns of color in every sense, scintillatingly so.



"I was hiking in the Himalayas with a friend and was lucky to witness a rare sighting: a beautiful mountain goat called the tahr. This animal was fast disappearing and I felt inspired to capture the moment for eternity. Through an installation made from Silicon and coloured artificial hair. I punched in the hair and that itself made me feel I was giving life to the animal. It is 36 inches in length and 24 inches in height."




"Gaia Reloaded is the artist’s vision of such a surreal future of the oceans. Perhaps, a surreal speculation!" 



"The centerpiece of the sculptural installation is an 8 feet long fish made of clear resin. which is one of the largest attempted in India."




"Mangroves are very important to the environment and must be protected because they protect our coastline." 



"With climate change caused by unchecked human industrial activity, will that continue?" 


Let's Work Together

E-mail at: to collaborate, or display my work.
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